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Our Black Friday sale is here and your chance to get a free extra blackout plate frame. Order our Solo Villain rear plate frame kit here and we'll upgrade the order to a front/rear 2-plate kit. No promo code necessary, we'll do the work and upgrade any order placed automatically.

12voltVillains blackout plate kit custom made with your Instagram name printed on the drop screen that lowers over the plate. The Villain license plate blackout kit contains a wireless remote control, manual control box, wiring harness, LED status indicator, and blackout frame. Available in single rear frame only or double (front and rear) license plate kits. 

At checkout, add in the comments box your instagram name or send us an email immediately following checkout.

Comes in a rear frame only and also front/rear frames kit

(***for offroad or show use only! Do not operate while on public roadways. By installing you are agreeing to follow all local laws pertaining to you and your state roadways***)