Motorcycle blackout plate frames

This is the smaller version of the 12voltVillains blackout plate but for motorcycles!

Protect your privacy for online pictures, advertising, social media, racetrack and show events.

Here's how it works-
Press the button on our handlebar mounted controller and drop a weather resistant blackout curtain over your plate. Press the button again and raise the curtain. The handlebar controller features an LED indicator to show what position your plate curtain is in so you're never riding with it down by accident.

-Motorcycle sized license plate frame for bikes in the USA
-wiring harness
- handlebar mounted switch and LED indicator
-wired controller
-mounting screws
-Our frames use stainless hardware bolts, weather resistant coatings and epoxy.

Our blackout plate kit is as easy. Install your license plate inside our electric frame, wire our controller into your battery or 12v accessory, mount the handlebar switch and then run the cable to your license plate frame. The only tool needed is a screwdriver to remove and install your license plate and wiring

We also offer custom logos on the drop curtains, custom paint, custom hardware and interior lighting in our store.

(***for offload or show use only! Do not operate while on public roadways. By installing you are agreeing to follow all local laws pertaining to you and your state roadways***)