How to order a custom blackout plate kit

How to order a CUSTOM blackout plate kit

 Checkout our custom black out plates we offer! We offer custom drop screens (curtains) with logos, designs, and text. We can put your Instagram name on it, company logo, website, or car model on it. We also offer custom lighting in our "Plate Accessories", custom paint, and gold or chrome finishes.  If you don't see one you like, we can create the custom one you will.


How it works-

Choose either a rear plate kit or a 2-plate front/rear plate kit and "Add to Cart" Make sure to include important info in the "Instructions to Seller" field before placing your order. Send over your artwork, logo or text (contact info below) and we'll create a digital rendering of what the custom blackout will look like. We send you the renderings for either further editing or approval. Once you give us the green light, we build and assemble your custom blackout and ship it.  Most of the time, we can get your custom blackout designed and built in 2-3 days but can take 7-10 days depending on design complexity, your response time to approval, and how much editing is involved. Single color logos on drop screens look best but we do offer up to 3 colors

**At this time, we only offer drop screen curtains in black. Please do not ask us to do a custom color curtain. 

 Getting us your custom logo, design or text or paint code-

If you would like a CUSTOM DROP SCREEN (the curtain that drops over your license plate) please add "custom drop screen" to your cart with your selection of "rear only kit" or "front/rear 2-frame kit". Once its in your cart please add logo, text or design info in the "Instructions to Seller" tab.  You can also email the image/logo/text to use you'd like on the drop screen to or click  Contact 

If you would like a CUSTOM PAINTED FRAME, please "add custom paint" to your cart. Select whether you'd like the rear only frame kit or the front/rear frame kit. If you already own a blackout plate kit and want to upgrade to a new custom frame or drop screen, we also offer just frames without controller and remote.  At checkout, please specify paint color and code. You can also email us with the paint code or picture of the paint code located inside your vehicles glovebox or inside the driver doorway.