12voltVillains blackout plate install

12voltVillains blackout plates are "plug n play" remote controlled license plates frames and very easy to install. You simply plug our controller into a 12v power outlet (cigarette lighter), mount the blackout plate frame, and run the cord from the controller from inside the vehicle to the rear plate frame. Some people prefer to cut the 12v power supply and hardwire into existing power in the vehicle as well. This provides a cleaner install and does not use one of your 12v outlets. Most car audio shops can provide installs.

Approx install time is 30-60 minutes.

Tools needed-screwdriver

Please checkout our installation, controller and key fob pairing, and installation page below or download and print the install sheet. If you have any questions, please contact twelvevoltvillains@yahoo.com

 Blackout plate install

 Click to Download installation sheet


Keyfob remote and controller pairing

12voltVillains blackout plate kits include a controller and a wireless remote key fob with manual buttons to lower and raise the blackout curtain. Remote control key fobs need to be paired with their controller. This video explains the process to pairing your remote with controller. 


If your custom blackout curtain becomes wrinkles, crooked, or stretched, please follow the procedure in this video to tighten your curtain.