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We're now offering Chrome blackout plates for pre sale. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery. 

Our same blackout plates frames but with a baller ass chrome blackout frame!  Available in a rear only frame kit, a front and rear 2-frame kit, or frame alone (The frame only option contains the frame, and interior curtain system but no controller or remote and is meant to replace the frame in a kit you've already purchased)

Protect your privacy for online pictures, advertising, social media, racetrack and show events. 

How it works-
Press the button on our wireless key fob and drop a weather resistant blackout curtain over your plate. Press the button again and raise the curtain. Our blackout plates kits can be operated either on the wired controller or by wireless key fob (200' range). We also include a dash mountable LED indicator to show what position your plate curtain is in so you're never driving with it down by accident.

-American size license plate frame (Available in rear frame only or "double" (front and rear frame) license plate kits.
-wiring harness
- LED dash mountable plate status indicator
-manual controller
-mounting screws
-wireless key fob remote (200' range).
-Our frames use stainless hardware bolts, weather resistant coatings and epoxy.


Our blackout plate kit is as easy to install as charging your phone. It really is that simple. Install your license plate inside our electric frame, plug our controller into your cigarette lighter and then run the cable to your license plate frame. The only tool needed is a screwdriver to remove and install your license plate.

We also offer custom logos on the drop curtains for an additional amount. Please select the correct option in the crop down menu for custom curtains. Please either email the logo, description, color, font etc that you would like to or add info to "Instructions to Seller" at checkout.

(***for offroad or show use only! Do not operate while on public roadways. By installing you are agreeing to follow all local laws pertaining to you and your state roadways***)


12.6" wide

6 7/8" height

1" deep

Blackout plate and controller specs

  1. Voltage: DC 12V
  2. Fixed electric current: 0.6A
  3. Main material: Steel
  4. Fixed power: 2W
  5. Ascend and descend time: 2-3S
  6. Control distance: 200'